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Technology of Sigiriya

Engineering has been used very beautifully in the creation of Sigiriya. The pool plan is organized in the same way as the rectangular pattern on either side of the roads leading to the western entrance to Sigiriya. In front of the pools are fountains created from limestone.

It is impossible to imagine how much technology there was in the past to use this kind of technology. Who is the Sigiriya Park as well as the Botanical Gardens are beautifully designed the landscape from sigiri is very interesting and it is designed in a natural way. A closer look reveals that the Sigiri designs, which are unique to the Sigiri rock itself, are well designed.

The top of Sigiri Rock is also beautifully designed. A royal palace and garden on the top of Sigiri Rock is designed with a very special skill in town planning techniques and house design. Every tourist who comes to Sri Lanka goes to see Sigiriya to see the amazing technology there and to look at its wonderful creations. Many tourists will not forget to see the wonderful crafts while visiting Sigiriya.

City Planning of Sigiriya
City Planning of Sigiriya

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