Dambulla Cave Temple

Rangiri Dambulla Cave Temple

Located in the central region of Sri Lanka, the Rangiri Dambulu Cave Temple is a vibrant Buddhist site consisting of five cave shrines. A sacred place of pilgrimage for 22 centuries, this cave ashram, with its five sanctuaries, is the largest and best-preserved cave temple complex in Sri Lanka.Inhabited by forest-dwelling Buddhist monks since the 3rd century BC, these natural caves have continuously transformed throughout history into one of the largest and finest Buddhist complexes in South and Southeast Asia, exhibiting innovative approaches to interior design.Of particular importance are the 157 statues as well as the Buddhist murals (covering an area of ​​2,100 square meters).

The large interior spaces of the cave sanctuaries are not compartmentalized, and the multi-colored sculptures of exceptional craftsmanship are spatially modified in a deliberate and delicate arrangement and decorated with a bright composition of frescoes.In keeping with the long-standing tradition associated with Buddhist rituals and continued royal patronage, the cave shrines underwent several renovation and restoration programs in the 18th century before taking on their present interior form.The site is notable in the Buddhist world for its association with the continuous tradition of Buddhist rituals and pilgrimages spanning more than two millennia.

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